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12 Volt, 30Ah, 370 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Dimensions: 204mm long x 131mm wide x 168mm high. Best bang for your buck? The Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries of the MCS Standard Series. Maintenance free (just keep them charged). No liquid. Vibration and heat resistant and a very low self discharge rate. Will out-power virtually all conventional lead-acid and gel batteries of identical dimensions. OEM replacement reference 66006-65A, 66007-84.   Note before installation: Never start the engine before you have fully charged your new battery, to prevent irreversible damage that will ultimately shorten its life span. It is absolutely mandatory to fully charge any new AGM battery before installation. After production AGM batteries are factory activated and will, during storage, slowly discharge. Re-charge at least every 3 months. Recharging sooner may be required in hotter or cooler temperatures. Vehicle electronics, like a clock, alarm etc. will additionally drain an installed battery. AGM batteries will not handle a too deep discharge well. Keep them charged at a minimum of 12.4V for best performance through its life span. Connect the battery to a suitable automatic 'maintenance charger' when not in use for a period of time to retain the optimum charge level.

MCS, Standard Series - AGM sealed battery. 12V, 30Ah. 370CCA

SKU : MCS936677
174,23 €Prix
  • 65-84 FL; 67-78 XL; 64-73 45" Servi-Car (NU)
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